Elvin Jones ーMidnight Walk
The Peddlers ーOn a Clear Day You Can See Forever
Beirut -The Concubine
Brian Eno -Pierre In Mist
Alix -The Exchange
The Rotating Assembly -The Stomp
Alex Attias & Mustang -Angel
Lee Perry & Adrian Sherwood -Wake Up Call
Fudge Fingas & His Fidgety Friends -Aksman
Matthew Shipp -The Root
Dan Shake -Thinkin’
The Moore Brothers -Bass Come Back
Todd Rundgren & Utopia -Disco Jets
Moon Orchestra -Mystic Brew
Mike Mainieri -Poochie Pie
Moon Orchestra -Walk On By
Kip Hanrahan -Funeral Poem ‘Pinero’ O.S.T
A Forest Mighty Black -Tides
Suba -Tantos Desejos(Remix)
Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics -Fantasia, Pt. 1
Herbert -Foreign Bodies


Joe Zawinul -Carnavalito
Psycho On Da Bus -Take a Rest (Château Flight Remix)
Pressure Drop -Big Noise
The Moore Brothers -Bass Come Back
Scotty Coats & Wes the Mes -Double Fisted(Print Thomas Mix)
Horace Tapscott Quintet -The Dark Tree
Blast Head -Soft Step
Hieroglyphic Being -Brain Damage
Les McCann -Carry On Brother
Lou Reed -Guilty (feat. Ornette Coleman)
Chico Hamilton -Conquistadores


[Chart positions]
This upload was 15th in the Groove chart
and 21st in the Funk - Soul - Jazz chart .

[Track List]
Helen Merrill & Gordon Beck -I Got It Good
Herbie Mann -Comin' Home Baby
Up,Bustle & Out -!Aqua No Ma!
United Future Organization -Pilgrims
Marco Di Marco -Fontana Blue(Vipersquad Re-Edit)
Greyboy -Outerlude
Gil Scott-Heron -Don’t Give Up
Bob Dylan -Do Right To Me
Scotty -Clean Race
Soulcenter -What You’re Doin(Acid Pauli Edit)
Eddie Harris -Dreams And Nightmares
Zoe Zawinul -Tower Of Silence
Yo La Tengo -Nuclear War(Version 2)
James Chance & The Contortions -Almost Black (Richard Sen's Padded Cell Edit)
Ennio Morricone -I Crudeli (Hird Remix)
Johnny "Guitar" Watson -Wrapped In Black Mink
Mocean Worker-Jaco
Be Svendsen -Requiem For A Loop(Remix)
Red Snapper -Village Tap
Paraiso -Teu Sorriso(56 Mix)
Patchworks & Amp Fiddler -Sugar
Boozoo Bajou -Yoruba Road
Nick Holder -Hustler’s Groove
Slow Didi -Cosmic System
Earl Zinger -Only Ridiculous Survive
Brian Auger & Julie Driscollcoll -Let The Sunshine In
Gil Scott-Heron -Klan
Renegade Of Jazz -Jazz Makossa
Yo.An -Gnar
Fushming & Mamazu -Gallopy
United Future Organization -Stolen Moment
Block 16 feat.Jon Lucien -Morning Sun
Nick Holder -I Once Believed In U
Eagles & Butterflies -We Get High
Marvin Gaye -“T” Play it Cool
Francis Bebey -Guinee
Silk 130 -Season’s Change
Shawn Phillips -Parisian Plight I




Chart Positions
This upload was 4th in the Groove chart and 7th in the Funk - Soul - Jazz chart . #mixcloud

・Gorge Benson -Footin' It
・Cymande -Fug
・Parliament -Presence Of a Brain
・Junior Mance -Don’t Cha Hear Me Calling’ To Ya
・Tyrone Washington -Submission
・Mickey & Soul Generation -Iron Leg
・Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers -Right On
・The Fatback Band -Keep On Stepping’
・Wildfire -Check It Out
・Gene Boyd -Thought Of You Today
・Norman Harris -In Good Faith
・Banda Utopia -The Plan(IG Culture Remix)
・Extended Spirit -Caprice
・The Pharcyde -Runnin’
・Chico Hamilton


【Track List】
2.Wild Fire -Check It Out
3.Harvey Lindo -Rugged Individuals Feat.Count Bass D
4.Gil Scott Heron -Don’t Give Up
5.Fred Cherry -Bus Ride to the Zoo
6.Buddy Sativa -Una Peripecia
7.Nicola Conte -Nefertiti
8.Gecko Turner -I’ll Do That
9.Roy Brooks -The Free Slave
10.Richard Davis -Dealin’
11.Faraon Bantu -Macaco Mata El Toro (Batata remix)
12.Hieroglyphic Being -Cimetière des Innocents
13.Leon Bowman -Wild Rider
14.Renegades Of Jazz -Karibu Tena
15.Leon Bowman -Liquid Diamonds
16.R.L. Burnside -It’s Bad You Know
17.Takuya Kuroda -Think Twice (feat. Antibalas)
18.Cannonball Adderley -Gone



Billy Cobham -Inner Conflict
Bush Of Ghosts -(unknown)
Carlton Livingston -100 Weight Of Collie Weed
The Black Souls -Baki Mutane Nakuka (Black People Crying)
Scotty -Clean Race
Palov & Mishkin -Brother
The Whatnauhts -World
Roy Ayers -We Live in Brooklyn
Tranquillity Bass -Mya Yadana
Tiago -The Source(Muddy Slow Rave Mix)
Whitefield Brothers -Taisho
Doug Carn -Chant
Gideon van Gelder -Perpetual
Birdy Nam Nam -Kind Of Laid Back
Manmadescience -The Blues 1997
Billy Cobham -Nickels And Dimes


This upload was 1st in the Blues chart, 2nd in the Groove chart
and 7th in the Funk - Soul - Jazz chart.

●Flying Saucer(Remix) by United Future Organization
●Egypt Strut by Sun Ra Arkestra
●The Goose by Parliament
●N’dugu's Prayer by Walter Bishop
●Addis Ababa Dub by Wakies
●African Rhythm by Oneness Of Juju
●I Shall Be Released by Orquesta Libre
●Day Dreaming by Aretha Franklin
●AreYouReadyToCome?Part2 by US Aries With Me
●Move Your Hand by Stone Coal White
●Light My Fire by Etta James
●Sattvam by Mike D
●Joint Session by Mickey & The Soul Generation
●Hercules Dub Blundetto
●Serious Drug by Wildcookie
●Senor Blues by Povo
●Sixth Sense by United Future Organization (U.F.O.,)

This upload was 7th in the Blues chart, 11th in the Folk chart, 17th in the Groove chart and 27th in the Jazz chart.

1.Early In the Morning by Harry Nilsson
2.Wind Chimes (Version 2) by The Beach Boys
3.We're All Connected by Medeski, Martin & Wood
4.Cool, Calm and Collected by Kid Creole & The Coconuts
5.I Want a Big Butter and Egg Man (Will Brown Remix) by Louis Armstrong
6.I Put a Spell On You (Re-Recorded) by Screamin' Jay Hawkins
7.Welcome To The Party by DOUBLE FAMOUS
8.Invitation by The Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Sextet
9.Ogetnom (feat. Wilton Gaynair) by Third Eye
10.Quiet Storm by J.A.M
11.Rhythms & Sounds by Kraak & Smaak
12.La Premiere / Deux (Mudd's Garden Mix) by Holger Czukay & U-She
13.The Man With the Red Face by Laurent Garnier
14.Rhythm Dance (Extended Version) by Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid
15.In Pursuit of the 27th Man by Horace Silver

by YABE TADASHI 矢部 直 2016 Summer


(*Yabe Tadashi)

" Justa Music" by Yabe Tadashi 矢部 直 is now 3rd in the Folk chart, 5th in the Groove chart and 18th in the Jazz chart.*Mixcloud 15/08/2016

●Harry Nilsson -Early In the Morning
●The Beach Boys -Wind Chimes (Version 2)
●Medeski, Martin & Wood -We're All Connected
●Kid Creole & The Coconuts -Cool, Calm and Collected
●Louis Armstrong -I Want a Big Butter and Egg Man (Remix)
●Screamin' Jay Hawkins -I Put a Spell On You (Re-Recorded)
●DOUBLE FAMOUS -Welcome To The Party
●The Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Sextet -Invitation
●Third Eye -Ogetnom (feat. Wilton Gaynair)
●J.A.M -Quiet Storm
●Kraak & Smaak -Rhythms & Sounds (Bonus Track)
●Holger Czukay & U-She -La Premiere / Deux (Mudd's Garden Mix)
●Laurent Garnier -The Man With the Red Face
●Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid -Rhythm Dance (Extended Version)
●Horace Silver -In Pursuit of the 27th Man (Remastered)


1.On The Corner(Take4) by Miles Davis
2.Echo by Cantoma
3.Lola by Blend Crafters
4.Tabarin by Cantoma
5.Made Ya Mine by Dr. Didg
6.Reinbagan byTodd Terje & Prins Thomas
7.Unwind by Blend Crafters
8.Stop Bajon byTullio De Piscopo
9.P.O. Box by DJ Oil
10.The Garden b yCut Chemist
11.君はそう決めた(You Just Decided) by 坂本慎太郎
12.Your Love by Jo Biasso



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